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We recently purchased three of the Elation E-Spot led moving heads with the idea of using several custom gobos in each. In looking through the manual, I didn't see any section on the process for doing so. I scanned the previous posts and found similar questions related to other fixtures, but so far nothing on the E-Spot. Other than that, they seem to be a sweet little light. We thought we were getting a 45 watt led and were pleasantly surprised that they have been upgraded to a 90 watt unit.
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Hi Tm,

all 7 of the ESpot gobos are replaceable.
So when you order your gobos make sure you specify the size.
26.9mmOD x 24mm viewing image

The manual states a max thickness of 1mm can be made.
this means that you can use metal or Glass gobos without a problem. however when you use glass you will be limited to 1 color. when you start adding colors the gobo gets thicker, unless you use they are the only gobo manufactuer that I know that can make multi color glass gobos into a 1mm thick gobo.

Now a trick with the eSpot you can try, since its only using an led source, you can print a gobo on transperancy film.
Try and print it 26.9mm OD by 24mm viewing and it will be the least expensive gobo you can make.
the transperancy could last 3 days or may work well for a month, then you have to print new ones.

Give it a shot.

Best regards,
Please understand, I know the process of making both metal and glass gobos, that is not the issue.

My question remains, since there was absolutely no reference whatsoever in the manuals we received, what is the physical process of changing a gobo in the E-Spot. When I first looked online, I noticed that people working with similar Elation fixtures mentioned removing the entire Gobo wheel. While that might be an option with a 250 series spot, it doesn't appear that the E-Spot works that way.

I have asked the question of the Elation staff, but, after two weeks, have had no response related to this simple question.

I am about to return our three fixtures.
with the idea of using several custom gobos in each. In looking through the manual, I didn't see any section on the process for doing so.

Hi TM, after re reading your question you didn't mention anything about how to change the gobos.
the answer is simple, the Espot LED has a slot lock gobo system just as design spot 250.
all of elation rotating replaceable gobo's use the slot lock system. its only the static non rotating gobos that will not be slot lock in some cases.
In reviewing several of the posts I have made, I realized that words at the end of lines of text seem to have been "disapeared."

I use both a 26 and a 37 inch monitor, and from time to time it appears that Microsoft has "shaved the content" when the posts are translated to a normal sized screen.

I apologize if there has been a misunderstanding, but the fact remains that, while I love the E-Spot fixtures, I need information not only about how to change gobos, but, down the line we will need detailed information about the fixtures.

Since these fixtures will be out on the road for several years, we would like your input about what belts, sensors, motors, or whatever are most likely to fail.

We have no problem stocking a repair module which would travel with the exhibit. Our intention would be that since few if any museums would have the experience to perform a repair, we could have a "spares kit" that could travel with the exhibit, to be used by nearest Elation repair facility with all of the parts that would be necessary to get the fixture back on line. Again, since it is unlikely that most facilities would have the parts in stock, we would gladly pay for that repair station to "replenish the items used"

We anticipate using these fixtures in a traveling exhibit that might "trick' middle to high school students into using math. While some elements of the exhibit might feature the science of using musical rhythms to create one element, another portion will use the math required to program intelligent lighting, with the movement, color, gobo, focus processes necessary to create a performance.

We will have the whole thing ready by the end of October, so stay tuned.

Thanks again,

Tom Prewitt
Tom that sounds like a cool exhibit. If you wish I could have one of our service reps email you or call you sometime tomorrow during business hours and you can discuss with them all your questions about gobo replacement and spare parts for future use. If you would like a phone call please email me your phone number too Jamesk AT elation lighting DOT COM
Does sound like a great exhibit.
Well all we can say at the moment is that the E Spot is in its new stage, meaning we just started shipping them so our failure rate is set at zero. we won't know what if anything goes bad on them for a while.

The concept of the e-spot is to eliminate any failures. Its a revolution of all issues that cause a unit to fail. its light weight and cool inside.. 2 of the major issues with moving lights is the intense heat inside and the weight these movers put on the belts and sensors.
Since its so light weight it barely creates any resistance on the fixture. Since there is no heat, then there is nothing to burn inside.

Not to say that their will not be any serviceble parts, and what you are looking for is a schematic Diagram. The schematics show you the insides of the fixture and a break down of parts. these are usually only provided for service centers or someone wanting to repair something.

You will need to contact our service mananger at Elation with a phone call to recieve this.

On a last note if you would like a list of serviceable parts here is a small list to start with

All PCB's
LED Lamp Module
All sensors
Pan Belt
Tilt Belt

Hope this leads you in the right direction

Best regards,


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