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Ok why aren't more elation fixtures using color mixing, i love the fixtures but i need color mixing so whats the deal? And there was a press release saying the widespread panic tour had 8 powerspot 575IE's. The company doing the tour AG is a local company and when i asked him about it he said he would never use a light without colormixing. So whats the deal on that too?
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Hi Jonathan,

I agree, I love the CMY color mixing feature.
However this makes a lighting fixture a lot more expensive.
Also, its dificult to fit all of these features in a light.
So at Elation we are working on incorporating this feature into most of our lights.
In the 250 range, if we incorporate CMY in a spot, it will be a bigger light, and be as much as a 575.
So if you are already buying a big light, might as well bump up to a 575 fixture.
The Elation Design Spot 575e, will be one of the few fixtures using CMY in the 575 range.

Another reason is becuase color mixing is mainly requested from lighting designers. Lighting designers are always asking for specific colors and hues. So the CMY colors give them that. This is the primary task of the wash fixture. However with the spot, it has never really mattered because these were just projecting gobo patterns.

And this list goes on and on

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