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Hello guys,I'm a big elation fan & switched to compu pro a few weeks ago.(from a Jands 250)
A couple of issues I'v had, maybe you ca help.?
I'm running 2 Power Wash 250 basics,2 Power wash 250's and 4 Power spot 250's currently.I have the 2 basics assigned to the same DMX address and the 2 PW 250's to another.(the Power spots are on 4 channels) #1 When I power down my computer I save my programs. But when I restart the 4 of the lights (furthest away)the lamps won't come on unless I mess with the output settings every time.Did I set them up wrong?HtP vs. Ltp? I do terminate the link.........
#2 I can't seem to get the feel for fadeing my scenes in and out (any pointers)
#3 My lights are hung upside down, this makes the pre-set shapes & moving patterns useless....any tips you have will be appreciated.
Thanks Gfuller2000
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Originally posted by Elation_Pro:
Got it!
Will work on it Monday for you.
Best regards,

Thanks for your help,apparently there are several issues running Compu pro on Vista,Bottom line.........too much "hassle for me" The good news is The re-sale value was great & my Brand new Magic 260 meets my needs & learning curve etc VERY WELL !!!
Thanks again

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