I just changed our house lighting over to a dmx dimmer but I am having a problem. It seems that when it is dimming the lights, its doing it in small steps, which is making it impossible for me to do much of a fade without it not being very noticible. I have used the same dimmer on the stage lights for a while now, and have never noticed it, but Ive never had fade times over 5 seconds on them, the house lights are around 20-60.

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Its a lightronics RD-121 12x1.2

Ive been at the church today messing with it, and if I do anything for then 4-5 seconds, its really jerky, like its dimming in small steps instead of a smooth fade.
Its not the dimmer... I plugged in an Elation pack and tried it and its doing the same thing. If I do a fade time of 5 seconds or so, its there but its real hard to notice because its so fast. If I do anything above that, around 60 seconds, its real noticible. Its like . . . . . . . . . . .

Any ideas?
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