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I purchased a brand new Compu Cue Basic dongle and can't find the correct drivers to install it on my PC.

When I let windows search automatically it can't find it. So I downloaded the whole compu drivers folder from the download section and none of those work either. The CD that came in the box only has compu live 2006 software on it, nothing else.

Any idea how to get this thing going?
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Do you have a tools.exe in the SL2006 folder on your hard drive? If so run it and go to the firmware tab and hit update. If that doesn't work I may need to use a screen share program on my PC to yours tomorrow. Also Version date of the Compu Live Software. if your not sure with the program running go to the "?" and click on about. It should tell you a date for example "Nov 4th 2008".
I was running a older version of Compu Live. My mistake for assuming all 2006 version were equal. The dmx dongle still isn't working however. When I start SL2006 it gives me the no dmx interface connected prompt.

I tried the firmware updater and it failed to update. FYI Under the interfaces tab it says "no compatible hardware connected". Same for the firmware tab but it does let me initiate the firmware update and lights on the dongle begin to blink, but the update ultimately fails.

Things are moving under dmx input and dmx output within the test page.

Thank you for the help thus far!
I am having problems with using a new Compulive that I bought at Guitar Center, today, on CD Dated 4/16/2007 with the Compu 1024 ec usb to dmx box. I am trying to install the drivers on a Windows 7 OS. What am I doing wrong because it just won't recognize the DMX box. I really need your help with this.

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I installled the dropbox and everything and when I opened it appeared on my screen that I should update the firmware it said write firmware press firmware tab, and press write firmware and so I went to tools and I pressed on firmware and write firmware and I clicked on it and it said there is no compatible hardware connected.

So could you please help me get the software going?
I downloaded the software you sent me and when I checked the windows and it does see the interface but the tools from the compu show does not see the interface it says no hardware has been detected and in the software compu show it says no interface.

Does the seriasl number from the interface have to do with the installation of the software because i am not putting the serial number to my software.
No, you don't need to put in any serial number.
So windows detects the interface fine but the program does not? Also you are never running tools with the compu show program open at the same time right? Because the USB driver cannot be split between two programs at once. One needs to be closed and not running in the background for the other to see it.
I would try to see if tools will detect it with just the tools app running and try updating the firmware if it does.

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