Compu live Dec. 21, 2007 version; getting an error on movie recorder "warning not available in limited mode" when in "USER MODE".

I onle see limited mode in "construction view" so why the error in user mode, is this a bug?
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do you have your dongle plugged in and do u see "PC" in the little LED window on the dongle? also what dongle do you have? thanks. sincerely,
I have no dongle, and never had one. the original version i had never needed one, unless you mean the DMX/USB interface. I just upgraded from Oct 2006 version to the lastest december 2007 version. Please explain.
the low end version, sorry its at the venue and I have not looked at it in years. I take it that the full blown I/O/dongle is the only one that allows recording. I only use one universe so don't need high end I/O.
well what color is it? if u dont remember but it blocks your attepmts im guessing you have the 1024EC which is kinda limited. let me put up something that might help.

Thx for the info. I have the compu club blue unit so I guess I am out of luck on this feature, WILL THE DEC 2007 VERSION FUNCTION ON MY COMPU CLUB BLUE I/0? the Oct 2006 version worked fine with it. also it seems like a bad decision to restrick recording unless your dongle is connected when you allow us to create without the dongle thus I don't bring it home which is where I do my configs, again I create files at home for client/venue and the interface stays at the venue.
have you downloaded it yet? also i have heard reports and have had some customer calls about it locking out the english language when the dongle is plugged in. but that was a security thing sunlite did to protect their dongles against fraudulent dongles being used with the software. lt me know how it works. also if you have problems with it you can revert back to the previous version u had it at. sincerely,
Got the Compu live working at the club with the older Compu Club 06 I/O, works great imports all my saved files. YOU WERE RIGHT; ENGLISH LANGUAGE IS BLOCKED OUT OF ALL DROPDOWNS AND HINTS.
Italian is the default but many other languages are available, it’s not to hard to understand most dropdowns if you are familiar with the software already.
Is there a way for legitimate users such as myself with older I/O Dongles to get a patch from Elation to correct this?
well what they fixed was the lock out of the languages and a few other bugs I'm sure. But we rarely release exact info on what all the updates have fixed. Or at least I have never seen one released before.
Sincerely, James.
New Jan 24 2008 Compu Club EXE won't launch.

ERROR: "The procedure entry point MiniWriteDump could not be located in the dynamic link librarary dbghelp.dll"

1st attemp I just installed over old version.
2nd attemp I unistalled old version and installed new version.

Checked laptop and dbghelp.dll is located in my system.

any advise?
PS: tried it on second laptop also with Win 2000 SP4, it failed also.

Must be a Win 2000 SP4 issue.

Its OK on XP SP2 but that CPU is not the one I use at the venue.
Well if I had readme.txt from Elation to tell me what bugs are fixed or improvements’ are included with this latest update, I could make an informed decision as to if its worth spending the time & money upgrading my OS Roll Eyes

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