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I have 14 of the same fixture (ADJ Flat Par Tri 18's) that I patched at the same time (all independently addressed). When I separated them into fixture groups I had separate group control over the On/Off but not the color mixing.
Am I barking up the wrong tree here? I'd like to be able to separate them into zones (Drums/Stage L/Stage R..etc) and have complete quick access autonomous control over them.


Brian Savage
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Well that's one way of doing it I suppose.
Not a bad idea. I was trying to avoid opening the edit screen though, because I have 24 fixtures I'll have to hunt down when I want to copy/paste.

I'm just looking for a super quick way of grabbing multiple fixtures, bringing up the dimmer, and changing colors.

I could create a new fixture in the software for each individual light, and create groups from them?...but if I do that I will lose the ability to use the chase ability on the fixture profile.

I'm doing a big installation at one of Nashville's biggest/popular honky-tonks, and I'm going to need to be able to program scenes quickly, as well as be able to show guest LD's how to operate the software.

What do you think?
The only time you need to open the editor is to create the different color mix wheels. And You could probably use the dimmer channel in the color mix section too. You can't create more than one RGB fixture in a profile. The .ssl format is out of date in that respect. The new compu show software can though. Let me make the video for you and you can be the judge if it will work for you or not. video will be linked here later tonight probably.
The .ssl format is out of date in that respect. The new compu show software can though

Has this new version of Compu Show been released yet?
So, you will be able to load a single fixture profile, patch multiple fixtures, and be able to control them independently from the main profile window?

If it's not out yet, is there a way I can say...ummm...beta test it? haha

Thanks again!
It's been out for a year and a month almost. However it requires the new compu intefaces such as the compu cue basic and compu cue and show SD singles. If you have a 1024ec or 2048fc or anything from 2004 you will not he show to use your interface when running compu show. I will record that video for you today and give you a link of you still want me too. Also let me know if you want a link to the latest release of compu show software to check out.
Yea man, I'd like to see what you're talking about concerning the copy/paste.
Also, go ahead and send me the link you're talking about. Is it the June 7, 2011 release?
If so, I have that version as well.

I don't have the software installed at this venue yet. We're going to pull the trigger on it as soon as I get a demo show programmed and ready to go.

The last club I did, we ordered CompuSD and it shipped with Compu 06. So I was assuming that was correct.

All I need is a single universe of dmx, and 3D visualization. Compu SD would be correct right?
That's supposed to be shipping with the latest compushow 2011 release?
Ya I'll do that or you can give me a call soon and I can walk you through it over the phone or over team viewer. Up to you.
no the latest release I have is a beta release and it is from Feb 6th of this year. Here it is:
The reason compu live shipped with most interfaces is because we did not have a release ready for when we started shipping the interfaces and they do work on compu live so we put that on the disc.
Well the show SD model is the 2nd to highest model interface we offer and it offers 3 universes out ( the 5 pin is actually a split as the ground is neutral and split between two 3 pin connections. pins 1 and 2 plug ground is univ. 2. ground plus pins 4 and 5 is univ 3.)
I'm not sure what the latest interfaces are shipping with. When we release our newest non beta release I believe that will start shipping with all interfaces. but all depends on what stock the models ship from. make sense?
Here you go. there is no sound but I added some text captions. Hope you can get the idea. But watch it in FULL HD (1080p) and full Screen too.

in the video I used 12 flat par profiles in 4 channel mode. And I grouped the RGB wheels in groups of 4 fixtures. You can group them as many or as few or even individual if you want. Play around with it.
Any questions let me know.
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James, this is fantastic!
I sincerely appreciate the time and effort you've put in to helping me out with this.

One final question for now though.
My 3D visualizer on Compu 06 started giving me trouble last night. When I try to rotate the screen in any direction it barely moved unless I made a dramatic sweeping mouse motion and then it would go nuts for a second and then freeze again. Today I haven't been able to turn my layout at all, except for the preset 'top view'..etc buttons.
What did I accidentally press?

Have a great weekend!

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