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I am interested in purchasing the Compu controller for my church. I have a couple of questions before I do.

We have been using a Show Designer 2 for the past 5 years, so playing around with the Compu Pro has been very different for me. In order for me to change over I will have to set it up to work close the SD2.

I have had the software downloaded for a couple days and have been trying to figure it out, I have all my fixtures installed and my stage layed out. The first question is, when you create a page/fixture scene, that scene is only for that light. I have the SD2 set up so my beginner operators can just push a scene and change the conventionals, intells, and leds all together.

Is there a way to a create a set up so that when they are in beginner mode, they just have a page of scenes that will control all the lights? And will I be able to have different fade times, etc for the different scenes?

The second question, when I set a fade for a conventional, I press the button and it fades up fine. However, when I push the button that I have created to fade out, it just turns off. How do a create a fade down?

I am sure I will have more questions down the road, but this will get me started.

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ok first of all when u got to ur "pages" page and u see the 3 little boxes? make sure all ur lights have a mark in the box that looks like a king crown. that will link all ur lights to work in the "master" page. now that all ur lights are lined up to work in the master page u can click on the master page abnd hit the new scene button and then click empty. and then when you edit it you will find that all ur fixtures are lined up ready to progrma all together for one nice synched effect. yes you will be able to have different fade times for all the scenes. when editing a scene do you see two the window with two time options? and one has a solid red slop going up and the other a solid red line going straight? the first one with the slope going up is the fade time and the one below it is the hold time.
now about the fade options. on the conventional page right click on the bar where it says the page name and scroll down and click on "scene fade toolbar" now u will see 4 different times on it two are in blue and two are in red. the red ones are before fade and after fade hold time and the blue ones are fade times before and after. you will just have to mess with it to see what works best for you. try this first blue boxx put 2 sec fade and then second put a 5 sec fade and then the two red ones but 5 secs each. see what that does. or unless anybody else has a beter suggestion. to create a fade down that should be the second blue box. i hope i answered all your questions. peace! jingles out!
hmmm. well everything i have tried last night worked fine. but i think cause ur not using those lights in that scene they are just goin to their home positions cause they are not being used. what do the lights do when they snap off? do they go back to their home positions or what? are u using real lights with this software or using just the 3D viewer?
I am not using any lights yet, just the viewer. I am only working with conventional fixtures on the program right now, so there is no home position. The lights fade out fine when I make a "fade out" button, but changing between scenes is what I cant get to work. Basically Say if I fade up fixtures 1-5 on my first scene, but on my second I want fixtures 6-10 to fade in, but 1-5 to fade out.

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