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after a few starts and exits, i lost the color pinwheel on my RGBmix buttons for some LED fixtures....

These fixtures are critical for my install, as they are the house and ceiling washes!!

I need to be able to change their color and "regenerate preset buttons" is doing nothing! Frowner

please help! nothing in the manual about creating your own buttons/switches with the color pinwheel.
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Hi Level,
I'm not sure what you mean by RGB color wheels?
As color wheel and RGB color mixing are two different color options.
For the Color wheel you have a group of color buttons.
For RGB color mixing you have a color pick pallet for color picking. where you can click on the exact color you want.
If this is what your refering to then you must be pressing the button rearangement icons at the top of the page.
You must be in compression mode for the color pick pallet to show.
Here is a small image.
ok i was mixing terms then. I mean on, for example, a generic LED fixture with chan for R, G, and B... one of the buttons compu generates initially is the color pallete where you see all the colors, and can click/drag to get the color you want.

I suppose this is the RGB color mixing you speak of. the generated title on the button is "RGBmix"

I have experimented with seemingly all combinations of the compression buttons at the top of the page, but I will try some more to see if I can make it show back up.

Is there a way to simply regenerate a button like this on my own?

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