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Hi James,

Working hard to master Compulive. Getting there, I think.

Back to an old topic from previous discussions on another Forum.

Will the issue regarding the rendering and interpretation of multisource lighting be addressed by the developers for upcoming versions of Compulive.

Let me expand a little. With the advent of LED lighting, more and more fixtures are appearing which effectively incorporate multiple fixtures. In my case, the ADJ MegaBar LED. This is, effectively, 3 fixtures in one unit. However, each fixture has a single dimmer and strobe channel which controls all 3 sections.
This causes issues when it comes to constructing Fixture Profiles.

The fixture profiles will not currently support CORRECTLY, this type of fixture in both the control of the individual channels and with the correct rendering in the Visualiser. In fact, the Visualiser will not display ANY colour representation of this type of light, thus rendering the Visualiser useless for off line show building and testing. How can you build and tes without seeing anything?

Currently, the onyl way to get anything which is near useable is to treat each section of the light as a separate fixture and create an extra fixture for the dimmer and strobe channels. This makes grouping impossible and certainly, using any of compulives tools for generating effects etc is impossible as far a I ca work out.

I feel that this is a very important issue which MUST be address urgently as this type of fixture is becoming more and more common.

I know we have discussed this with regards other software, but with Compulive, I feel that it is a very valid update.

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As far as the multiple RGB color sources on a say a bar wash light that is fixed in the profile creator. it allows me to create multiple RGB points in a bar. but as far as seeing a LED effect light like the Revo series from ADJ i don't believe that will ever be seen in the 3D viewer. Hope this answers your question. if not let me know.

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