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I was wondering if it is possible to use the Compulive software with a Scene Setter 24? I want to program all of my scenes using the Compulive and then use the Scene Setter for fade times between each scene. I am using 6 Elation Design Spot 250s, 21 American DJ Mega Bar LEDs, 4 American DJ Mega Strobes, and an Antari Fazer. So I would do all my programing on Compulive and then simply want to set the scenes to faders on the scene setter. If possible I would like to have manual control of the fixtures too, but that would be a luxury at this point.

Thanks for the help!
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i know you an use DMX input. but I'm unsure about using it to trigger scenes in the software. So give me a day to check this out and I will for sure let you know ASAP tomorrow. Sound Good.
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Awesome thanks for checking. To be clear the ideal situation would have me using a grandMA or road hog. And essentially that is what I'm trying to do with the scene setter.

Hey James,

I was wondering if you had heard anything as to whether using that Scene Setter in the way I wanted would work. Let me know when you get a free moment.

Thanks for everything!
I found out that yes it is possible. You can set up scenes and switches to be triggered by the DMX input. Still working on exactly how. But I know will get a answer to that soon.
Which model interface do you have?
Sorry for the delay.
I found out the kicker. You have to assign a scene to a channel and when you move that channel fader it will play that scene. but since you only have a SS24 you limited I think to only 24 scenes being triggered with that unit as DMX input. not sure if you can "stack" triggers or have multiple scenes trigger by the same channel fader.

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