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So I have compulive, finally am getting to it. All lights on dongle light up, it shows PC in the box, and the 3d show's my lights are on. Just 4 par cans to get this thing going, but I dont think I am getting any out put at the dongle to the dimmer, its an nsi nd 4600 dimmer. Dimmer says something about it having phantom power but that shouldnt mean anything. Please help, I have downloaded current everything. Unistalled reinstalled, you get the picture. Very frustrated.
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Well that would have been a good disclaimer to know before hand since NSI is a major manufacturer of Dimmer packs and that dimmer pack is used in Theatres everywhere. So what, all my money is shot now, how much for a repair and how soon, I have a show next Fri with this thing. Is the box for sure damaged?
Jerome Casinger
IGNITE spokane Pres.
You know, I looked all over the place in the new user manual and could not find a disclosure.

Past user manuals had this, and It should be in the current user manual.

Please read carefully the following preventive measures carefully:
1. Place a DMX insulator between interface and DMX fixtures (e.g. DMX branch 4, Opto Branch 4) in order to protect them both from any interference and from overvoltage.
2. We advise you to have an available spare RS485 driver IC. This is an 8 pin electronic IC component that has been set inside the interface box for the purpose of "driving" the DMX512 line. It is available under several references ADM485JN,
SP485ECP, 75176… In this case connect interface via an external power supply.
3. Create independent scenes in order to lessen the impact of any potential computer breakdown
4. As with any other DMX controller, keep aside an independent backup system, as this is the only way to be on the safe side when faced with any type of problem.
5. Save all scene programs and keep aside a CDrom software version: restoring the whole show only takes a few minutes !!

Your damage is out of warranty and may be able to be resolved by simply changing out that RS485 chip. If changing out the chip does not help, then you fried the CPU in the, and you will need to buy a new one.

Wether the information above was in the user manual or not, the information above is basic DMX-512 information that someone should know before wiring a DMX system. This would also protect from MultiPlex overvoltage problems.
Unfortunatly as a manufacturer its not in our ability to educate every person on DMX lighting before a purchase. Just like when you buy a car, the car manufacturer is not responsible to teach you how to drive or even mention that you must know how to drive before you buy the car. If you buy the car and crash it, it is not the car manufacturers fault or responsibility.

We leave this service to the authorized dealer where you purchased the controller to offer DMX lessons. Some dealers provide better services than others, and online stores offer no service.

Please contact customer service and see if they can help you.

Best regards,

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