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I am wondering why when I start with my first scx500 at address 17 thru 24 and 2nd unit 25 thru 32 ect. ect. untill I have all six set that when I start a new page use explore pick scx500's and the ask if you see beam, 50% and so on my first 4 lights are open and pink and the last two are open and white I'm also concerned that the first 4 lights won't take white with software. Does this sound like a problem with the software or the scanners last week they seemed to work well together. I hope this is not to confusing. Thanks for any help you can give. Oh yes I did turn off units that were pink we they rebooted they went to open shutter but in pink. Gary
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Hi Gary,
When a profile is created for lights, they are not always perfect because most of the time they are not tested with the light.
Since compu looks for basic functions some lights may have odd functions that don't respond correctly to default funtions of the software.
What you want to do is after the page is created go to the edit window of any button.
Here you can have direct access to all the channels and you should be able to use the functions of all the channels. This will let you know what is not working, if the light works well here, this means that the profile may be off a bit, and you will have to to modify the profile.

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