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Hello fellow Compu Live users!

Ive been working with 4 Elation Design Spot 250's and 3 Chauvet Par 200 B's on my Compu Live software for about 2 weeks now and I want to know if there is anyway to hook my Bahringer BCF2000 Mixer up, thru USB, so I can control my lights via my external faders rather than the digital faders on the software...

Any suggestions would be much appreciated ...


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If anyone has any information on how to use a set of external faders for dimming, color change, shutter speed, ect... (pretty much control those things on the fly after i have chosen a preset) would be much appreciated...

Also if anyone knows of anyone in the Cincinnati, Ohio area who does lights and you would think would like to help out a fellow light enthusiast, please dont hesitate to send their contact info my way...



I would be happy to help you, especially somebody from Cincinnati which I hear is a huge Jimmy Buffett town.

I have setup CompuLive to work with my keyboard via midi. I can press a key to activate any scene (with a number of steps) I want. I have programmed a special key that activates a switch that allows the sliders to control color or dimming and rotary knobs to control speed.

It took a fair amount of trial and error, knashing my teeth, and a few obscenities uttered at Elation. But after therapy, I feel much better and it actually works perfectly, exactly as promised, and having an external controller is the way to go.

It was painful to get there. It might be best if we try and get you up and running using the phone. If you're interested, email me a convenient time (after business hours) for us to connect. bob dot condon at comcast dot net.


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