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Is there any documentation that shows what emulation software controls respond to which keys on the PC keyboard?

I've figured out a number of keyboard shortcuts just by hit and miss, but specifically I'm wondering if there are any PC keyboard shortcuts that control the faders themselves.

I would like to operate more than one fader at a time using the mouse AND keyboard. Is that at all even possible?

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I know a few. I do not have any documentation on hand. I can try to get something though.
the F1-F8 select your groups(the square buttons with the play triangle at the top of the program window. the ones without faders.) the number keys 1-8 select cues 1-8 and can step through a cue list if a cue has multiple steps recorded into it. Hold any of these keys for about 5 seconds or so releases the button. I hope this helps. I Will try to find out more.
If currently no way for keyboard fader control, a suggestion for a future release of Emulation Software:

Shift + QWERTYUI = Fader #1 thru #8 UP
Ctrl + QWERTYUI = Fader #1 thru #8 DOWN

Also, F11 controls Bank DOWN for upper Group Buttons but there appears to be no Bank Up keyboard control, as far as I can tell. Perhaps F12 or F10 could be used down the road?

If User programming of keyboard shortcuts is in works, that's even mo- better! Wink

F1-F8: playback buttons
1-8: playback faders go
Q-I: playback faders flash
PageUp: playback faders bank up
PageDown: playback faders bank down

Numpad / : Global fog
Numpad * : Global Strobe
Numpad - : Numpad Blinder

Insert: Record
Delete: Delete
Tab: Tempo tap
Break: Tempo break

Arrow Left: Fixture selection previous
Arrow Right: Fixture selection next

CTRL+A : Select All
CTRL+X : Cut
CTRL+C : Copy
CTRL+V : Paste
CTRL+Z : Undo
CTRL+Y : Redo

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