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Hi, I've been ruining a high school production that the kids have been working 8 months on because Compulive keeps crashing.

2 different computers, latest versions. 1024 interface. Controlling 9- Martin mac 250, 1- 4ch dimmer, 1- 6ch laser

It crashes randomly when engaging a button. I think it may be the interface. When the program crashes it will often not recognize the interface when restarting. Unplugging the interface and plugging it in again solves that. When it crashes on my laptop I can not shut it down until the interface is unhooked.

Unfortunately it have not been able to recreate the problem outside of the school venue, even with the interface active, but no lights hooked up. I am wondering if there is a possibility that a problem on the DMX line could cause the interface to crash?

What else should I look for?

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Yes, I downloaded the latest version yesterday. Windows XP. Laptop I was using is a HP Pavilion DV5200 AMD Turion 64 1.79 GHz 1gig ram. I replaced it with a desktop when it started crashing but the problem persists. I don't remember the specs on the desktop at the moment as it is not in front of me.

I should have mentioned I do not have the visualizer running.

Thanks for the link however unfortunately the update did not solve the problem.

Again for some reason I can not recreate the problem outside of the school. I ran the program hard last night with the interface connected, but no lights, and I could not get it to crash. I could get it to overheat my laptop, and slow right down, but not crash. During the performance today it crash 6 times during 2 hours with me trying to be gentle with it.

Each time it crashes it asks to send a crash email file to Sunlite if that is a clue. Also, when the program is restarted it comes up again with a bunch of buttons engaged that weren't before the crash.

Email me those crash reports when you can. The 4th red led indicates that you have the second universe turned on. this can be set up in the starting parameters by checking both USB dmx out check boxes. However this should not seldom turn on or off on it's own. This is a very weird issue. Did you completely uninstall the old version and delete the sl2006 folder? Or did you just reinstall with the new .exe I sent you?

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