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Yes, I am C++ programmer...

There is a folder: ...own files\Elation\Emulation\Personalities\User

Can I put my own files there ??
Is the name of the file important (with *.fxt) ?

Currently I need:
Eurolite PS-86 5CH
Eurolite WMB-8 RGB Bar 26CH (I have seen yours, but it is wrong)
Futurelight LCC-36 UV 3CH
Showtec LED Medium Studiobeam RGB 3CH
Showtec Sunstrip LED UV 3CH
Showtec White Star Sky II 5CH

Do you need the manuals ?

Yes the .fxt needs to be there. I assume you can just open up notepad and start coding and then just rename it as .fxt I do not make the personalites our developers do. Yes i need manuals. email me what you need to jamesk At elationlighting DOT COM
And let me know which ones we have currently that are wrong in the email aswell. ok?

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