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I am evaluating the software for purchase and to determine which Windows operating systems are compatible using 3 separate laptops. I have downloaded and run release 1.00 Build 10 on all three computers without a problem.

The XP laptop recognizes the dongle, finds the driver in the correct file folder, loads the driver and works fine. The Vista and Windows 7 laptops recognize the dongle, but cannot find the driver in the correct file folder. What am I missing?
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I just purchased the Emulation software and I have Windows 7 64 bit driver. I spoke with a tech from elation and said i have to download the 64 bit driver from web site. I have, but im noticing on the installation that its showing files I dont have. The disc I have is a 1.00 version. My file has emulation 100 and instrutions show emulation 1003. Is there something I am missing or is there another version I should of recieved?
James, I did do everything listed in the PDF. I got to a point where it said the driver was not digitally signed and wouldnt let me go further.

I actually got around this and shut of that option in Vista. I got the driver installed, but it still would not show up in the software when I launch Emulation. In otherwords I am getting no "version" and the cue cable is not showing up under hardware.
My developer would like answers to these question if you please. We appreciate it.
"- Is his Vista 32bit or 64bit?
- If he plugs in the CueCable, does he here the ‘new hardware connected’ tune of windows?

* Does windows pops up ‘new hardware found’ dialog?
* When he looks at the device manager, does he see an item being added to the list when he connects the Cuecable?
* Does it work on a different computer? Maybe a XP 32bit or Mac ?"
First off, thank you for your help with this.

I am on *64 Bit

*Cue Cable seems to be recognized in the device manager when the Cue cable is pluged in, but both the Cue Cable and WinDriver have a yellow triangular sign next to them.I assume this means that they are not working.

* The windows "new hardware found " dialog does not come up any longer.
* I will try it on my Mac as soon as possible

Something I forgot. I have downloaded the latest build. It is a little confusing. It says that it is build 1028 for PC, It is also spelled wrong "Enulation" but after you download it and extract it it says MACOSX. Actually both of the current downloads from the Elation site say this after you extract them.
Just a heads up..

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