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I've not managed to successfully install the hardware (DMX to USB cable) as when I've connected the hardware and I point the wizard to the Emulation "drivers" folder to install them I always get the message "Windows could not find the driver software for your device".

So I looked in the Device Manager and I get this message for the CueCable device (which has a yellow exclaimation mark besides it):-

"The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28)"

I've attempted to install the software on three seperate laptops without success (Windows 7 '32 bit' and Windows XP '32 bit'). I tried with the original version of the software which is on the CD and I have also tried using the latest version of software from the Elation website (emulation10214.exe). I also disabled my antivirus software during the installation process.

I'd been planning on using the software to do a lighting show on Friday so if anyone can give me some advice soon then I appreciate it.

Looking at other threads on this forum didn't shed any light on the problems which I've been having and I did wonder if it could be a faulty cable which could cause this?

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If you know someone who has a mac, you should try the cable on their computer. The mac installation doesn't require any drivers. You just drag the install into the applications directory, plug in the cable and you are good to go.

That will let you know if the cable is good, and assuming it is, it will narrow the problem down to a windows driver problem.

Hope this helps,
Intense Sound & Lighting
Hi Mike, thanks for your advice. I won't get a chance to test the cable with a Mac until next week. If I've not found any other resolution by then I will certainly see what results that will achieve.

Hi James, it'll be good to test out the new drivers as soon as you can make them available. However in the meantime are there any other tests which I could perform which may help find some answers to this problem? As I mentioned above, I can try out on a Mac next week but I was hoping to get the software working sooner as I'd planned to use it for two bookings over this coming weekend.

Many thanks,


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