Is there a profile for the Irradiant IR-FS-360 Followspot or the GCD FX Lighting Followspot 360? I believe they are both the same light...just branded differently.
send me an email with the user manual for those fixtures and i can build them for you.
The link didn't work for me either. I am in need of a profile for an APE-LED-86. It is a par 38. Would appreciate any help. Thanks.
send me an email with the User manual and i will create the file for you.
The link does not work. Please update the link by sharing the folder in dropbox and not by copy/pasting it from your address bar.

DJ Cristi
it was the share link. it wasn't just copied from my address bar. ill re send it.
Well by the format of the link i can tell that it was not a share link. I think norana55 can access the file because the folder is "shared" with you.

I hope this helps fixing the issue.
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i've sent this to several customers. never had an issue with the download.
Hey Jesus, nevermind on the ADJ FlashPanel 16...however, I was just told that I was going to be receiving 8 Blizzard Puck Q6W's and I don't see them in the software. Can I use the profile for the Puck Q12W's or do I need the specific one for them?
not sure. thats depending on the amount of channels that fixture has. i can build it for you. ill just nee you to send me the DMX traits for the light.

I wasn't able to use that dropbox link to access the profiles. I just downloaded emulation for my Mac and I didn't have any profiles (yet anything up to date). 

Would you be able to email me the access?

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