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John and Ron ,
Thank you for your help on this problem. I am excited to hear that this might have a simple solution. I know that it is hard to please everyone with pre program effects but I feel strongly that this was a design flaw, and not just my picky personality trying to have my cake and eat it to. Given the time I would often write my own effects but when it comes to the people I am renting these units to just having them change colors without the strobing would make life allot easer. We had demos of many manufactures of LEDs over a 3 month period and compared brightness, color, and ease of use and for the price point the elation design 36 beat all. They have quickly become the work horse for many of our events, but would be even more useful if you could plug them in and walk away. I think the unit is great and I am just trying to contribute to a better product in the end, and at the same time protect my large investment into a up and coming lighting manufacturer

I noticed this in the internal programs as well a when we were first selling them, but didn't pay much attention to it.
However you mentioned setting them and walking away..
I have used them in stand alone, color scrolling settings in the past.. without a controller, and did not get the strobing flash.
Let me see if I can find that setting for you so you can set them and walk away.
I guess that is what i was waiting for it is a shame that 7 of the 8 programs are bad and that is that. I will be ordering the next twenty units sometime this week only i will be going with the Colorado1 from chauvet. I have ten of this units and the feature sets and service are way better and the price is $100+ better then the design 36. I am also starting to have problems with my design 60 units and will be shoping for another brand to complete my need for 15 more units.
Hi PU.. Believe me, I am also glad our R&D department jumped on it. I just wished they would have told me, instead of telling me they couldn't.

We will have lens kits for them as well, but it looks like a 15 and 45 degree kit.

I know they are working on an 8 or 12 degree lens kit, but nothing yet.

FYI.. Price on the DLED 36 went down a few dollars so you'll be able to get a better price, and we are introducing the DLED 108IP, which is a DLED 36 with K2 Leds, and IP65 rated.

Send me an e-mail for the 20 chips you need to and i'll work on getting those chips to you.

Best regards,

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