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Hey guys i have posted before but i m guessing in a wrong section or wat not so i am reposting here i dont mean to spam up the site but i really need help with this one

Hey guys how is it going? total newbie here...and i m loving it here i have been reading and there r lots of helpfull threads on here.. i used my Compu Club at a Gigg this weekend and God it was fun i have design spot 250 i dont know how to create scene and all but i am working on it i just got it like last week anyways but i was wondering if i can use multiple fixtures as a spot light... what i mean is last week when i was using it as a spot light i would have to move one fixture to where i want and then go back to the second one and move that one. i was wondering if i can have all of them at one point at the same time using the XY thing i dont even know wat its called but u know the pointer thing anyways let me know if m not being clear enough ... thanks cheer everyeone
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Yea thanks a lot for the reply jingles and yes i have notice the "followspot tab" but i couldn't figure out wat the hell was going on in there I am very new to This i m still trying to learn how to create scenes. as a mobile dj i really needed to know how to do the spot light also i dont know if it would be too much to ask but if u can do a video on it that would be awesome thanks agian and i am about to go try out wat u just suggested thanks

First thing first..
This is what i did i clicked on new page added DS250 Starting add 1-16 repeated the same procedure added another DS250 ch 17-32

"Create and edit in live mode a switch button named 'FOLLOW SPOT'."
Now does that mean i hit the red "Swi" Button selecting the master or one of the pages??? Confused


i dont even know if did the first step right but i got stuck at "Connect the X,Y channels of the ‘FOLLOW SPOT’ rack to the X,Y channels of the master moving light."

wat does that mean and how do i do that ??
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Just link the XY and xy buttons to the corrwect faders in your fixture....then you have to map out your movements on the followspot takes a little time, but once you do, all the lights will follow a point in space. I used it recently for an Indian wedding where the bride and groom came in through the front doors and had to have lights on them all the way to the stage. Worked like a charm. I just moved the light next to my FOH position to follow the group and all 7 other lights followed....awesome.
Only If i knew How to do wat u just told me to My bad if im being real annoying but if u can tell me how is it done step by step it would make more sense and where did u do this weeding ?? I am an Indian DJ myself i am in jersey if u r around here i would love to stop by at one of ur gig or wat not if u dont mind. Light Show is Catching Up BIG time With Indian Clients i need to step it up Thanks for the reply man
Hey guys i a m trying this thing but its really not working out for me.. like i am connecting the master and slave fixtures correctly or so i think the lights follows and everything but then there are some point where the slave fixture wouldnt go or go to somewhere where i dont what it to.. i am using two fixutres on a truss.. i am posting this video soo u know wat i m talking about

After 0:42 into the video u will see what i am about everythign before that is OK i am not too happy about it but i can live with that haha

If u guys can help me with this and tell me wat is it that i m doing wrong it would be great thanks a lot guys
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Getting two separate lights to move to the same spot with the same commands from different locations isn't going to work unfortunately.

You might want to try start them at center stage and move from there. That may work better, but since the angle for each light is different, every degree on light moves is going to be larger for the other do to less on an angle.

On the Hog, I would simply make a ton of position palettes but Compu doesn't have this feature, yet.
Jingles what you said is whats seems to be happening when the spot is on the floor its reading 239I (this is the slave fixture readings) and as i m tring to move it to the wall by moving th master fixture it jumps ceiling reading 198(slave fixture reading). if thats what you were asking me..

SerraAva I didnt get what you meant by starting at center stage i am sorry if u explain what you meant. and about making tons of position pallets if u mean "recording" all the points in the "follow spot" rack i have done that but it still doenst help.. this was for a sweet 16 i DJed at and this was suppose to be a spot light for her as she walks in and make her way to the stage...i tried doing it befor the event and it didnt work so i just use the individual controls and moved 2 fixtures one after another. what would you guys suggest for a situation like this caz this a typical setup for most of my events and spotlights r requested more and more Thanks for your respond guys.
Da MenaCe, what I meant was if you focus the lights to whatever your center may be, be it the middle of a dance floor or a wall, the might follow each other a little better.

The only other thing that works in this instance would be infrared receivers on your target. But these are even iffy at best, so nothing has replaced the man behind the spotlight yet.
Actually on compu live its looking good for me to get this down. and it should work way better than in the video. It's just gonna take some time till i post my results. Too bad i don't have any movers here at my house to do a "Real" Test. lol. but so far 3D is looking good. just gotta fine tune it. i already said that didnt i? oh well.
Side note: Happy Holidays to ALL our forum members.
SerraAva Sir thanks for explaining that to my dumb ass lol but yea it works well at lot of points but there are points where it just jumps and not follow up or like it stops...and the master will go on i still dont know how to use the shutter feature so it looks mad retarded the spot would be less bright and evey one looks at me like wat the hell r u doing haha its crazy pressure i m telling you

Jingles you dont understand how happy u just made me with wat u just said hahah If u Could Plz show me how to do it or what is it that you are doing that would be great..thanks a lot guys u guys are the best...i m really thankful to you guys for ur responds.
lol its like that jingles? shoot i didnt know u could do that!! got your boss involved and everything hahah but thanks a lot for your help man i hope it works out and hopefully it makes everyones life easy... i feel like a real jack ass when the lights are all turned down or off and ur follow sopt dont work as it suppose to every one looks at u like wat the hell r you doing lol serious pressure i tell you... i am scared to offer this service to a client... as the introduction time comes around i start sweating and all dont wanna f up their once in a lil time moment u know (thats assuming they wont get divorced) its crazy... lol
OK. We got very close and im sure you will be happy with the results. a few tips. Specify more area. like all 25 steps or also the whole area of the white box. and when recording USe the smoothest path possible. say u have to pan your slave all the way around to meet up with the master. Don't, simply tilt it 180 to face the other way and then you will have to do less panning. Also if you need to reverse the pan or tilt or both on the slave the path will be much closer. make sense? Try this and let me know. i might be busy but ill try to respond ASAP. Thanks again for your patience. Would You be interested in an Elation polo?
Sincerely and happy new year.
yes i am happy to know that its doable Smiler. now what you said does make sense n i think i have tried that but i m gonna redo it this time just being more focused and keeping in mind which one is a smother path. i have been recording all 25 points so yea i m gonna do that. Elation polo?? well it would be cool to have one uumm how much is it...?? not trying to be cheap but i m still in college and have to be very careful about where i spend the money lol i will post my result very soon thanks again James and you're bass as well.. Happy New year to you too
Hey James,
How's it going?? yea man, I downloaded the vision available on Elations website. I just use a Track pad on my laptop.. i have tried the whole take the smooth way while recording (mapping) points. but no luck yet.. I am managing with one Head right now but it would be nice to be able to use that follow spot feature correctly. so i was wondering if its not too much trouble and if you have time maybe you can make the video...i think it would be much better to understand and see how it works for you guys. thanks again. Always appreciate your quick replies..


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