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SO I bought these only 2 months ago and love them, I have 4. 1 of them however during start up, the pan movement tries to rotate farther than it should causing it to shake pretty hard. However after doing that for a couple of seconds, it usually reset itself and worked properly. Now on the other hand, it shakes and shakes then gives me the old 01ER. Bad news for I have many gigs next week. This error causes the pan function not to work, ouch... Well, took it down yesterday and sat it on its base and what do you know it works just fine?!? I then hung it and the same problem happened. Can anyone help me?! Elation and the dealer I bought it from said they can't help me out at all even though its only 2 months old. I really can't afford to send one of my lights off for 3 weeks and no money to pay the shipping either. Any suggestions?
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You might want to check the sensor on the actual pan which is located inside the base of the fixture.Like you said when its upside down it shakes and when its upright it doesnt, that sounds like the pan stopper with the magnet on it by the pan wheel is either loose or out of place you might need to adjust The fastner. Hope this helps.

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