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In using the emulation software to control the design wash 60 I don't see a way to access the built in programs from the software. I have checked all the tabs in the software and the misc tab only has the reset button available. Channel 13 of the dmx traits for the fixture has reset as an option but also access to built in programs. If the misc tab is suppose to cover that channel then it should have a fader active on the tab as well as the reset button.
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This is instructions on how to make a playback fader with strobe function in it. Then you can control the strobe function manually when you create the playback fader from the instructions below. The global's are built to strobe at 100% only.

First you have to make a Cuelist with the strobes in it that you want to use.

o Go to the Cuelist and click “Add”

o Select the new Cuelist and click “Edit”

o Click on the left side on “Targets” and add the fixtures that you would like to use

o Click on the “Cues” button and add a new Cue

o Select the Cue and click on “Edit”

o Here you see the fixtures names that you have added to the cue, click on “Insert”

o Select the “Strobe linear” attribute and click “OK”

o Click under the “Strobe Linear” icon, next to the fixtures and set their maximum value

o Close the edit window

o Select the “Fader Start” function if wanted, it might be nice with this strobe

o Close the Cuelist

- Assigning the Cuelist to the fader

o Click on the “Play” button (on the right)

o Be sure that it says “Playback Faders” on the left side of the window, else press “Go Faders” in the right upper corner

o Select the fader that you want to use for the strobe

o Click “Set Cuelist”

o Select the Cuelsit that we have just created

o Close the window by clicking on the play button again.

You should now be all set.

They intentionally made the program to be on the simple side, and not have any options for the globals. This is something they don't plan on changing, (I've asked).

I do something similar to what Jingles suggested and make a cuelist with the strobe rate of my choice and assign it to a playback fader or button. It works just as well, and if you decide to get a hardware controller, mapping or re-mapping the controller to not use globals isn't that big of a deal.

Hope this helps.

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