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We have a show going on an there are 4 elation dimmers in the back, and 4 on stage. The total cable run (3 pin XLR) is about 5 feet. I have two dimmers already setup and they turn all channels on when you bring up ch 1. So when i put the lights on 1 and 2, you cant control 2, just channel one and it turns on ch 2 as well.

Do i need to terminate a line? How do i do that? whats going on?
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Hi Joe,
Your dimmers have 3 modes
1 channel mode.. all for channels are the same address
2 channel mode.. chan 1 controlls 1 & 2, ch 2 controls 3 & 4.
so the pack is only 2 channels.
then 4 channel mode.. this is the channel your looking for.
breaks it up to 4 channels.. should be on the silk screen of the dimmer.. if not check the user manual.

Best regards,

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