i just got 2 dj scan 250's and a dj spot 250 and i cant figure out how to turn them off between shows without unpluging them. they are mounted in the ceiling so it is a pain to get the ladder out and unplug them, i am running them in dmx mode with a dmx opperator 192

thanks for the help
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welcome to the forums. now your lights are american dj so next time your gonna want to post over on their forum. but your controller we help you out with over here. umm actually u can turn the lamp off via dmx as far as unplugging goes who ever did the install should have made a switch or something to make it easier to turn the fixture off. esp. if the fixtures are permanetely installed on the celing. but since i guess that didn;t happen u your gonna have to unplug them cause there is no way to turn em off once plugged in. i don;t believe there is anything in the manual about this. peace! jingles.
I agree with Jingles.. when the install took place there should have been a power switch installed.
All you can do via DMX is turn of the lamp and restart it.
Hey Jake,
If you can't get the club to install switches,try a remote switch,you can get a generic wireless at the hadware store for about $25 each.If the lights are too far apart you may need 2 receivers,but it will be "Slick" Good Luck.

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