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Hello All,
I am assisting my church in a lighting upgrade they are currently undertaking. I have been a lighting designer for the past 25 years having used mainly ETC consoles with an occasional Strand desk thrown in to make me crazy! We have approximately 20 Elation LED fixtures and a DMX 192 controller. I essentially have 4 groups of fixtures and each group will be assigned the same DMX address so each group will operate together. I have them all patched together using 3pin DMX cable with a DMX terminator at the end of the run. Here is how I have the groups addressed: Group 1: DMX 1-3, Group 2: DMX 4-9, Group 3 DMX 10-16, Group 4 DMX 17-21.
These are my questions:
1. How does the console know which fixture (or group of fixtures) is #1?
2. Lets say I want to control Group #2. Would I select the fixture 2 button on the right side of the desk and use desk channels 1-6 or DMX Channels 4-9?
That’s all I have for now. I appreciate any answers to my noobish questions, but I am used to ETC syntax, “Channel 1 at Full Enter” and the Elation controller is just throwing me for a loop!

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The manual isn't particularly clear on this point. Give this a try:

Set the DMX channel of all the Group 1 fixtures to 1, Group 2 to 17, Group 3 to 33 and Group 4 to 49.

Now, assuming all the fixtures in each group are the same kind of fixture as the other fixtures in that group, you will be able to control each group as you would like.

For example, if all your fixtures were simple 4 channel fixtures (red, green, blue, brightness), when you select Fixture 1 (from the left bank of 12 fixture buttons), fader 1 will control the intensity of the red leds, fader 2 will control the green, etc. [Make sure that the brightness fader(fader 4) is above 0 enough so that you can see what the other three faders are doing.]

If you've got fixtures that use more than 16 channels, the 192 won't cut it.

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