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I recently went out to purchase a DMX controller, and convinced myself that this was the one for me.

It is the DMX Operator Pro, however, I'm seeing a whole bunch named that. It does not have a model number on the Sticker on the back, but the box indicates as follows:
- Main Features
-2 Controllers in One: Intelligent and Par Can/Dimmer/ON/OFF Controller
-136 total DMX Channels: 128 Channels for Intelligent & 8 dimmer channels

96 Programable Scenes...

According to the Reciept, the name is
Amer DJ DMX Operator Pro Hybrid DMX 512 LT CNTL

This all sounds very powerful, and someday, I may get to this point, right now I'm trying to start by controlling 2 American DJ TRI PHASE lights.

They both only have 4 DMX Channels, and I'm reading on the DMX controller box that:

Fixtures with less than 16 DMX channels may be combined on a single fixture button.

No where have I found in the manual how to do this, please help.

"DMX Beginner 101"
Training Needed.... Recommendations welcomed.
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First thing you need to do is run a DMX cable from the controller to a light, and another DMX cable from one light to the next. Ideally you would put a termintor in the open socket of the last light on the daisy chain, but with this small a rig, you may not need it.

Next set you lights to workable DMX channels. If you want both Tri Phases to always do the same thing at the same time, set the Tri Phases in DMX mode and set their DMX channels to 1. [Note: you can't get them to act in master/slave mode using DMX.]

Now whenever FIXTURE button 1 is lit, sliders 1~4 will control all the lights set to DMX channel 1. [That is unless the CH.PAGE button is switched so that its sending signals on channels 9~16. Your Tri Phases will only accept signals on the first four channels of a DMX address.] So sliders 5~8 won't do anything. Neither sliders 129~136 because they are designed to work on dimmer packs.

If you want to control each light independently of the other, set one Tri Phase's DMX channel to 1 and the other to 17. Now when "FIXTURE" button 1 is one, the first Tri Phase will be controlled, and when "FIXTURE" button 2 is on the second light will be controlled by sliders 1~4).

[If you are interested, you could set up the sliders on the left (1~4) to control one light and the sliders on the right (129~132) to control the other - but that is another story and not really the way the controller was intended to be used.]

After you've got your lights under control, you will want to learn how to use the scene buttons.
Thank you Hobson,
All that you speak of works well.

I set Light two to Address 17 and Grouped Fixture 1 & 2 to make them do the same thing at the same time.

When I read that Fixtures with less than 16 controllable channels can be combined I put Light 1 Addr 1 (Sliders 1~4) & Light 2 Addr 5 (Sliders 5~8). This works out well, unless I want them to do the same thing.

I just recorded my first 4 pages of Scene's and will probably dabble in Chases tomorrow.

I am now going to the internet to seek out how to get the Scene to keep to the beat of the music, and how do I input the music to the DMX controller.

There is a plug in the back for what looks like Audio Input, but I am guessing how this is used.

Thanks, I will keep you informed.
Using 1~4 and 5~8 is a neat trick! The fact that you figured out you could use 5-8 shows that you are sharp and are really getting the hang of DMX.

Scences in a chase change from one scene to the next based on (1) "speed" (the duration that each scene is on), (2) "tempo" (tap the Tap Sync button to set the rate of change), or (3) sound (press the audio button). For audio you can use either the mic built into the controller or you can connect an audio source. Control sensitivity to sound with the Audio fader.

Back to the 1~4/5~8 "solution" you came up with. That approach gives you the clear advantage of being able to control each separately with only one fixture selected. My gut, however, is telling me that if you plan to add fixtures in the future, you will be happier in the long run if each light is assigned its own fixture button. My mind, however, can't figure out why my guts telling me that though.

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