I am a mobile DJ who recently purchased 4 DJ Scan 250s. I would like to be able to control the light show.

Because I am a mobile DJ, I don't have time to program shows on the fly or before events for that matter.

I am looking for a device that I can easily setup color, pattern and movement patterns start them with the press of a button and just let them run until I turn them off and move to the next program.

I do not want to spend too much or have a device that is too large.

Will the DMX Partner work for what I am interested in doing?

Do I need an DMX Controller in addition to the DMX Partner or can I pre-program shows to and let them run without a controller?

Are there prep-programmed shows that I can download or install on the device to use with my DJ Scan 250s ?

I also noticed the DJ Partner can be hooked up to a computer. Can I install shows from there to control my lights?

I know my questions are very basic. But I am VERY new to this DMX lighting and really could use some guidance.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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have you considered the MY DMX from ADJ? you may even be able to run both the software and whatever DJ'ing software you use at the same time from the same computer. just an idea. if u want a hard console and not software. i can give you ideas too. sincerely,
My DMX is to difucult for James.
James, I think you need to order a preprogrammed DMX partner from American DJ for the DJ Scan 250.
They already have this as a shelf item.

8 buttons for programms and an off button.

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How would I go about purchasing a pre-programmed DMX Partner for my DJ Scan 250s?

Can I purchase it from a reseller such as guitar center...
Yes.. its a special order item so you need to specify its a special order item.
Or go to the AMDJ website.. dealer locator, and look for the dealer nearest you for faster service.

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