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I think Ihave made a mistake. I was given the impression the DMX Duo would control my new Color Strips (Chauvet) but the DMX Duo appears to be a blank controller. When I read the manual I figured out that I need to have a means to preprogram the Duo. Other than buying another DMX controller, what are my options to set this up?
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the way I see it is you can find somebody to record some scenes for you and you load them into the duo. Or possibly return it for a controller you can program. There could be other ways but I'm not too sure. I may be able to program some for you on my compulive but sending them out I have not done yet. I also charge for programming. My two watts on it. LOL sincerely,
I like the fact that the Duo is a 1u system as I am trying to keep things compact for my mobile show. As it sits right now I will be using the DMX portion of the Duo to control the Color Strips. I would like to control each color as independent washes (ie blue for slow dance) and then from there any of the chases etc than can be accomplished. I have downloaded and installed the software for the Duo to upload and backup scenes, thinking (I was told) that it would let me program it. So, how much do you charge?
Not to rob Jingles of business, but I think it would be beneficial for you to just buy a small DMX controller that will allow YOU to program your own scenes and chases.

For one, you will learn a lot about DMX lighting and how to accomplish many different things. Plus, you will be able to modify, remove, and add to your current banks of scenes and chases without having to rely on someone else providing designs for you. You will then know how it all works inside and out, plus have the abilities to make changes yourself (saves time and money).

It is easy to understand wanting to keep your rig small and lightweight. So you can just program everything 'off the road' and leave the DMX programming controller at home and take the Duo out on the road. Or, there are DMX controllers out there that are only 2-3 rack spaces. I have seen at least one controller that will allow you to program and is only 1 rack space, but it only has buttons on it, no knobs or fader pots to slide for ease of use.

A pre-programmed controller is a nice supplement to a regular controller. There will always be times when you need to be able to affect things on-the-fly and you can really only do that with a regular DMX controller.

I really wouldn't be comfortable going out there with pre-programmed lighting that I don't understand. I mean, what happens if that controller lets you down while at a show? What if a light won't cooperate and you have to modify your setup?

I'm not saying these things to scare you, but rather to encourage you to take control of your rig and you make it do what you want it to do. Plus, you will have the flexibility of changing things quickly, say, if there is a last minute request for a certain scene/chase or even a spot light effect in the show (basically saying, something that you didn't have in there already).

Of course these are just my thoughts on the situation, so you can take them with a grain of salt, or seriously consider them. I think in the long run, you'll much appreciate having the knowledge and abilities.

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