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I'm setting up CompuPro to work with existing lights at a club. They have 6 Track Spots that use 7 channels each but are addressed at 16 channel intervals, 1, 17, 33, ect. When I add them to a page in CompuPro it addresses them in order. Whats the best way to set them up so they have 9 blank channels between them.
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Its pretty easy really...

1. Open Compu Pro 06'
2. Open visualizer and load which ever stage you are using for the club.
3. At the top of the visualizer click the little "Add Fixture(s)" button.
4. Patch your 7 trackspots with the "Patch" button if not already done so.
5. Move the blocks around (each representing one trackspot) so that they are 16 channels apart. I have it set up as if the first one was set to 1 then 17 then 33 etc, with 9 channels breaks as you said.

Here's a pic to help

Gook Luck!

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