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I don't know if it exists, but it would be great if there was software that you could use to control the 192 (or other controllers in the line) from your computer. So you could set up the show on your computer and save all the scenes and settings in the 192.

I don't know if I'm being clear, But using the virtual stage like with the compu-live software, and the virtual controller info can be saved in the operator as scenes. Perhaps saved on the computer in a format that can be downloaded to the operator as scenes and chases?

Just thinking out loud, it seems like there is alot of software out there if you want to go full computer, but not much if I want to sit in my house and virtually program shows to go out and use with my 192.
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OK I have downloaded the software although I haven't yet hooked up my Operator 192. I am just trying it in demo mode.

The light pars that I have are new, they are by Microh, you can't even see them on the website, although there is a similar system that is exactly like mine except different pars. I have checked the online manual for the system that they have online and it is exactly the same and works the same way.

The system is the LED Quadpar. It consists of 4 pars on a single tree. The tree carries the power and the DMX. All four of these lights run off a single DMX channel but you can put the tree into DMX mode 4 which allows you to control the RGB of each fixture individually and runs across 14 channels. In the manual it says that the red for the first fixture starts on channel 1 and that the flash and the master dimmer are on channels 13 and 14 respectively. In fact I either have something set up wrong or it's a misprint because the master dimmer is actually channel 1, the flash (or strobe) is on channel 2 and the red for the first fixture actually starts on channel 3 and runs through to 14.

Since you don't have a profile for this Microh LED Quadpar system in the Compu Easy Standalone software, I was wondering if there would be a way that I could find a led par can that only uses 3 channels (RGB) and add four of them starting at channel 3 and then perhaps there is someway to install a generic master dimmer on channel 1 and a generic strobe on channel 2 so that I could trick the software and my Operator 192 into thinking that they are controlling the LED Quadpar system. This way any thing I come up with here will translate to the actual lighting fixtures live. I guess if I couldn't use a generic dimmer and strobe on channels one and 2 I could just ensure that I have the fader up full on the operator 192 all the time and leave the strobe off (I'll never use it). So I guess I could still get by if I could find an LED par can the just uses 3 channels for RGB. That list is so extensive that unless you have a good working knowledge of lights (which I don't) it would be hard to find one.

My only fear with the master dimmer is that I would be able to come up with scenes in the software and store them in the 192 and then it would be all dark because I didn't enter any master fader values.

Just for reference, here is the link to the system I am using, might help to visualize. The manual is downloadable from this page, if needed.

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I want to make sure Kevin doesn't misinterpret your answer. I think he was asking if you can set up scenes with software and upload your work into a 192, and, if not, does elation have a controller that can do that.

Your email could be interpreted to mean that you can set up a virtual 3D stage and record scenes using Compu 3D and then upload your work into the Operator Pro. I wasn't aware that you can do that, but if that is what you intended, please confirm.

I think you meant it to mean that you can visualize light settings with Compu 3D to see what you like and then manually set up your scenes with the Operator Pro, i.e., there is no way to download your work in Compu 3D into the Operator Pro.

I didn't want Kevin mistakenly think otherwise and spending hours working in 3D without knowing that he would have to spend another whole bunch of hours manually setting up the Operator Pro after he is finished with Compu 3D.

It might be helpful for Kevin to know that what he wants do do can be done with a Compu dongle controller.
Let me see if i can help clear things up. john meant that you can purchase the DMX in only compu interface and plug the dmx out from your 192 to the input of the interface and use the 3D to program your lights without having to set them up. So it is just 3D visualization and programming your scenes into the 192 based on the 3D positions and color etc. There is no way to program on the compu live software and then load it into the 192. It is completely two different types of programming data and language. I hope this helps clear things up. Also let me state that to use the 3D program with your 192 you need to have the DMX in interface. This will not just simply work over USB. The USB on the 192 is ONLY for a external USB Light or a USB memory stick to save your scenes for a back up or to save your work and start over. I hope this clears some things up.
Hmmm, I think it's going to be easier to set up my lights and program the scenes and chases manually. I'm not going for a big complicated show just some stuff that will look decent when my band is playing. I just thought it might be cool if there was some way to design some stuff on the computer as opposed to setting everything up in my basement. Kind of like a virtual 192 that could plug into the virtual 3D stage or something along those lines.

Thanks all for your input, I appreciate you all taking the time to consider my question.


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