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Does any one have this problem?
DMX OPERATOR Controller in program mode using
4 channel and also 6 channel DMX LED par 64 cans
Set up a scene with full strobing FAST on any can. Heres the problem...... When I go to play back the scene and shut off the program button the stobibng is always slower.
I have set the FADE TIME and SPEED to 0 and messed with them to no luck for FAST STROBING unless the programm button is on.

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COLORKEY LED Par 64 10mm V2 6 channel dmx
Deliya par 64 led 4 channel dmx.

One at a time does the same thing.
Singularly on a 2 foot DMX cable from the OPERATOR.
Ive run speed and fade variations during and after
playback still the same.It slows down even more when fade time is set to
0. It has an uneven strobe effect if fade is above 0.
I am seeing about 15-20 fps when in program mode.
I then either record the scene and remove the program button
and the speed slows down to about 5 fps.
What is the deal?
I have also tried the Venue par 64 led 6 dmx can with the same
Please let me know if there is something I need to do.


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