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Hi Mcqueena,

I got this information from my DMX OPERATOR PRO GUY

Yes… but he has to create a show first then follow the instructions below.

Select the “SHOW” button that you wish to playback. The selected Show or Shows

will begin to run immediately including the originally set speed and fade times.

However, the selected Show speed and fade times can manually be adjusted on the

fly by simultaneously pressing the “SHOW” # button followed by the

“STEP/MIX/SEQ” button. A rapidly flashing Show LED indicates that you can

manually override the preset speed and fade times by adjusting the “SPEED” and

“FADE” faders- the “TAP SYNC” function will also be enabled (see Tap Sync on

Pg-6) . A slow flashing Show LED indicates that the Show is running at its

preprogrammed speed and fade times. Adjusting the Speed and Fade fader at this

time, will have no effect. You can also manually trigger Show steps by tapping on the “STEP/MIX/SEQ” when desired.

This information is from the manual. You can also offer to send him the training DVD.

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