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I got my DMX Programmer in October and am just getting around to trying fades again. Up to this point I have avoided using fades because it acted oddly. Now that I've spent some time I've got some questions.

1)Is it typical for the first scene in a show with fades to cause LED fixtures to cycle through programs (sort of like it is sending a fade command on a channel it shouldn't)? When the second scene plays everything settles down and the first scene is fine when it repeats it.

2) Are you limited to all fades or all straight timing in a show? It looks like it's one or the other for the entire show.

3) What is the fade option supposed to actually do? When I use it, it seems to keep two scenes up for the combined time of the fade setting, and the actual "fade" is always a about a second. In other words, a 3 second fade setting keeps two scenes up for 6 seconds and then a one second fade brings in the third scene.

Any help is greatly appreaciated.
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First question, depending on the LEDs in question, yes, funny things can happen when you first fade up the first scene. For example, if using the marco commands for color/programs, when you first start, it has to fade through the other before getting to where you want it. The fix for this is easy, write a scene before your first, and set the LEDs with the dimmer channel off. The next scene, keep the LED settings the same, but bring up the dimmer. This should solve the problem. You can also set the fade time for the first scene to 0s as well.

Next question, depending on the type of console, one or the other. So I believe you answered your own question, though I am sure you can bring stuff up manually while run a show, so it won't fade up or down with the scenes.

As for the last question, I am not familiar with that console. Maybe John or jingles can help you with that.

Thanks. Great suggestion on the initial blank scene. I'll give it a shot. That might just be the trick to get around the scenes staying up together as well (the last question), although I still hope to get some additional info on that functionality.

I hadn't thought of keeping some lights off the show. I think I have a bad habit of always keeping units selected, even when not active, and that's probably made me think I couldn't. I'll try keeping some units off and manually working them.

Thanks again!

I think I've got it figured out now. I believe that Fade drops all active channels to 0 (EDIT: for black that is; Fade transitions to the next channel values otherwise). Unfortunately I just picked up some Chauvet Colorstrips and their RGB mixing requires channel 1 to be at 210-219 and then mixes RGB values on channels 2-4. EDIT: So, from black it has to fade through programs on channel 1 (I haven't tested, but I believe having black w/ channel 1 @ 210 might be ok for in between steps, still not the first). But once the scenes start, Fade is transitioning active channels and since channel 1 is active but not changing the rest of the fades are close to right (and here is where I should test the black w/ 1 @ 210 to validate this theory).

Guess I'll be picking up some AMDJ Megal Pixel strips too.
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