Where are the instructions for the DMX settings for the Stage Setter 8? They aren't in the user manual and I can't find them anywhere. Any help would be appreciated.

I'm trying to use my Stage Setter 8 to control 8 Venue LED64 cans, so if anyone has any insight on that type of set up, I would appreciate all the help I can get.

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Well the stage setter 8 isn't really ideal for that type of fixture. The stage setter 8 is most suited for par cans and dimmer packs. singles channel effects. The stage setter 8 only offers 16 dmx channels. And your lights may very ell use more than that. In fact I'm sort of familiar with your LED par cans. They use anywhere from 4 -6 channels. So I think you may need to get a different controller.
Thanks for the info.

I was thinking that the Stage Setter could do some basic stuff if I set the LED channels on 1 - 6 and just have them work in pairs together. Might be easier just to let the settings on the lights themselves do the work.

Any suggestions on a different controller?

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