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I experienced some interesting behavior when running a house light rig from my Netron EP-4.

House lights were generic, single-channel LED can fixtures, and I have no clue what was driving them, DMX values or if they were on dimmer rack.

On to the issue:

When I selected lights and made adjustments to the intensity value, the rig behaved as expected, dimming up and down instantly.

However, when I programmed the values to a playback handle, and  tried to run the rig through cues, the lights operated with a distinct delay, upwards of 30 seconds.  My cue fade times were in the 1 second range, so I'm positive that wasn't the issue.

I adjusted the DMX Refresh rate in the EP-4 to 25MHz, and that seemed to help somewhat. 

I simply, for the life of me, cannot understand why the rig would operate differently between DMX value changes in the programmer and DMX value changes from a playback fader. 

Anyone have any ideas?

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