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I am new to lights, about 2 days new, and feeling pretty stupid at the moment. I can not seem to get my lights to work. I am in need of set up assistance before I purchase more gear.
My wife recently bought me the Behringer Eurolight LC2412 with 2 ELATION DP-415 dimmer packs and 8 par 38 lights. This was used, with no manuals. I downloaded manuals for all pieces. I have checked all lights and they work on their own. Being used, I reset the board as shown in the manual. I set the dip switch to "1" on the dimmer pack and connect to the LC-2412. The DMX Indicator light on the dimmer pack is blinking. I assume it recognizes the board. I have the bank ON "P" and all faders up to 100%. I assumed it would be a simple plug and play operation, but I get nothing. What do I have to do to get the lights to function? Is this a simple dip switch issue, or is there programming involved that I appear to not understand?
Any assistance is appreciated.
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check to make sure the Dimmer pack are setting with first one's address:1 and second one address:5

also make sure you have the DMX polarity set right. and If I remmeber right the eurolight board are 5pin dmx (at least most of them are). that is going to require a 5pin to 3pin adapter (I am guessing you already have it). make sure the pin on the adapter are connecting the proper data pins to the right ones need on the pins for the dimmer pack (the dimmer and the board probably say which pin is which) and you can use a multi-meter to check with pin is connected where in the adapter.
My experience with these eurolight boards isn't Good the boards have Good features for the price. but in my experience I have never Got on working on a 3pin dmx.

I see people use these on 5pin dmx systems, and I have also heard of people using them on three pin networks (not with an adapter though), they take apart the board and un soilder the 5pin XLR jack and put in and solider on a 3pin XLR jack.

Basically, Behringer is a company based out of Germany, hardly any of there products are there own creation, they reverse engineer other top company products and make and remake with some changes to the design as not to get in trouble. but they also cut a lot of corners on quality and circuity making it cheap. but with take you lose some stuff my guess in on these boards the connector is setup so It can't be converted but can be change but change out the XLR jack.

if you don't want to replace the XLR jack, some of those DMX isolators, have in's and out's both in 3 and 5pin, that may work I am not sure.

but again I have never had good experience with these boards.
Have you checked the fuses in the packs? They might be blown.

The next question is have you tired the console with other packs/fixtures to see if it is outputting? Also make sure that your master fader, preset fader, memory fader, and cross fade fader are at 100% as well, otherwise the lights won't turn on depending on what mode you are in. Lastly, make sure the blackout key isn't on.

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