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I have 2 Elation Design Spot 250's that I am wanteing to get cases for. I was wondering if the ADJ accu-case would fit the DS250? I currently have 2 DS 250s and they are stored in Roadie cases but I am not impressed with the design or the quality of those cases. I have 2 ADJ accu-scan 250s that I store in the ADJ SX2r accu-case and I am impressed with that case. So I was hoping to be able to use a couple of accu-cases to store my Elation DS 250s.

I know of three dealers that I can can darn near anything from, or have custom made.

My suggestion would be that if the cases you're looking at are a dead-end, then the next step for you would be to head to a nearby pro audio store(because they often also carry lighting) and see what brands of cases that they carry or can carry. Chances are, they could contact that company and see if a model already exists in their non-published catalog. Many companies list their common-type cases, but something speciality mightnot be in their regular catalog. From there, it's often a matter of doing a special order. Another option you might investigate is to contact the case companies directly and see what they can do for you. I'm not sure if you'd get any savings(sometimes you do, sometimes you don't going this route), but that's another route.

In my case, I use 12-space racks with slightly deeper than typical with front and rear rails and 2 locking casters. This was then not a model in their catalogs. Since then of course, it's become a rather popular option.

Made to order cases are nothing new these days. I know Anvil, Odyssey, Jenner and a few other brands that elude me at the moment.

Absolute worse case, I know a dealer who could probably make you the case. I owe them a phone call anyways. They have a wood working shop next to their sales office, and I like the guys over there. No clue on costs.
The poster is claiming to own 2 Elation DesignSpot250's.

His inquiry is in regards to the case he has for his Accu-Scan 250's, which is according to him is the ADJ SX2R AccuCase.

Personally, why not try putting it in there and finding out first hand. You got all the parts together.

I would think that a case for a scanner would NOT fit a moving yoke since they tend to be designed differently: wider base, width(for the arm(s)), and sometimes height.
what i think the customer is asking for is if the DS250 fits in the Accu spot 250 case.
He likes the Accu scan 250 case so he wants to buy Accu spot 250 case for his DS250's.

I guess i can run with that info.

The DS250 will not fit in the Accu spot 250II, 250Hybrid, 300 case.
but It will fit in the Accu spot 250pro case.
If it was me, and I had such questions, I wold be on the phone to ADJ: (323) 582-2650

Ask for sales.

Really, as much as I like the web forums, for something as IMPORTANT as a case, I would definately spend a few minutes calling up the company to see if their case will fit what you have. Sure, maybe it takes 2 phone calls. Last thing I have the time for is ordering a wrong item that doesn't work. My schedule is so busy it could take me MONTHS to get around to returning an item such as this, and with budgetting so tight, I sometimes can't afford to ship it back for a while as well.

Call ADJ Sales at (323) 582-2650 and get answers.

Thanks for the info, I was just hoping that you knew off hand. I have been trying to find out this info on the ADJ forum as well with no luck. I was just hoping that somebody that had been down this same road could have gave me a heads up on the fit of the cases, thats all. These forums usually save me a lot of time with questions I have. Usually someone has already tried what I am thinking and points me in the right direction.

I do have another question for you John. One of my new (Just received it yesterday and it was broken in the box) DS250's has a broken cover on one of the arms. Do you guys have a parts dept.that I can get a new cover?


(I'm not an employee or agent. I use their stuff and own a live sound production company, so full disclaimer stuff applies...)

1: Personally, in 27 years of live sound and 24 years in IT, I have always found the telephone to be the fastest method of resolve short of flying into the offices of the company I have "issues" with and making it "up close and personal" if you know what I mean. I find web resources, for any company, to be best used when my needs are NOT as urgent. I will say that even while pressed for time, the advise from others in regards to some wash lighting and foggers on this forum were highly useful. It helped me buy two proper units for fog. The jury is still out on the wash lights, but I can resume that search.

2: In your situation, regarding the broken part of the light, my recommendation would be to have the entire unit replaced, as it arrived new but damaged. However, if parts is willing to ship out a new part rather than replace the whole unit, then hey, that's THEIR decision, which would be a whole lot cheaper on the shipping. BUT, before you do that, do one thig for yourself: Thoroughly test out the damaged light. External damage may be hiding internal damagage, so fire it up and give it a thorough test. Also, do this with the other light as well just in case. Last thing you'd want to do is call up Sales or Parts and get the repacement cover part, and then find out that the light has an actual problem with it. That just adds to frustration, anger and time wasting.

I'm into efficiency. If I was determined to buy the case, I'd be on the phone and not have wasted time on that issue here. Not knocking this forum, the guys who participate here are pretty darn good. The other thing I'd be doing is thinking "Hey, would they just send me the replacement part" while I'm testing the unit outn to ensure no other issues exist and then call them up to arrange for what needs to be done.
Good grief, nobody wants to take the time to figure out anything on these forums... Short answer the DS250 is much larger than the Accu Spot series lights, with the exception of the Accu Spot Pro.

The case for the Accu Spot 250, and similiar heads is to small for the DS250. If there is a case for the Accu Spot Pro, it will probably fit.
GOod grief!! Nobody wants to take the time to make a phone call to make sure they buy the right item!!!

Not my problem so I am not making the call.

The short answer is: GET ON THE PHONE and talk to someone in sales at ADJ or Elation(or both) and get DEFINITIVE answers.

A "probably" answer could result in wrecked gear. But it ain't my gear. Call, get a clear answer, then decide what to buy or what to do next.

It's not a matter of "nobody wants to figure out anything on the forums", it's a matter of the best utilization of resources. Let's put it this way, if it was me, and I had these questions, I'd have gotten answers already because I would have bypassed the forums, made phone calls and gotten this issue resolved or at least gotten answers. If I started this on the forum, I'd have still made the calls to confirm and then posted answers here as well so as to hopefully save someone else a bit of time.

I don't know. When it comes to spending my money on cases, especially on something that is not a 19" rack, I want clear answers. I'm going to be ordering cases for my ICE-101 and HZ-300 soon, but the dealer I bougth those items from can have cases made for those as well. He's waiting on me to make the next step before he does the same thing.

Thank you. Now that is what I am am looking for, a short to the point answer! Unfortunately I have had no luck on the ADJ forum or emails trying to get that answer. The website only shows a Accu-case. It does not list anything else (like the other cases) these last few posts have suggested. It just states that it fits accu spot 250 and 250II. Anyway, thank you for your time, I do appreciate the help.

Sorry, I fail to see why one would rely on a web forum instead of getting on the phone for making a business purchase decision UNLESS you're in active online conversation with a vendor, VAR or retailer.

Nightraven's answer could have easily been had in 15-20 minutes or less total time if a phone call had been made.

A company called Hybrid Cases has cases for the products you want. Look them up online. I an reminded of them because I just got an insert included with my copy of Live Sount International this month. I'm debating getting some cases to keep my Par Cans on the bar. Their stuff seems affordable, but I have to wonder what the catch is because their stuff seems underpriced for what it claims to say it is.

The Phone. Use the Phone. The Phone gets stuff done quickly. I work in IT during the day, and you know what we use the most? The phone. OMG!! The Phone!! All this technology, SMS, IM, email, and yet, the phone rules. Go figure.

If it was me, I'd have made the call immediately as soon as I wasn't getting answers on the forum.

I'm going to be posting to ask for some advise on some new fixtures. Once I sort of narrow things down, I'll go into an IM with the vendor I buy from, where we'll most likely be in active IM about stuff for a week before I make a decision. I know if I needed to, I'd call.

Thank you for your input and interest in my question. I have turned to asking questions in these types of forums because I usually find an answer pretty quick and from someone with experience in the area I am asking about. I do not knock the method of calling the company but in this case i dont think those questions would have been answered from either company. Calling ADJ to ask them if one of thier cases would fit another vendor's equipment and vice versa with Elation? I realize they are related companies but doubt they would have been able to give me an answer. I have usually found someone on these forums has already attempted some of the things I am contemplating and merely looking for some advice. It usually saves me alot of time, money and wasted energy. I certianly did not mean to offend you or get you all riled up and my apologies if I did.

Thank you,
ADJ and Elation have some ties to each other, so the chances are either company would probably know what a case would fit within their umbrella.

Personally, the phone is my friend. I often work where I need fast and definitive answers. No doubt you are familiar with this sort of environment since you're posting here in the first place. People want something at the last minute but they've known about this for a while sort of things. Or, in my recent case, something just got sprung on me and well, the holidays and this "down day" crap really hoses up on shipping schedules!

Short of phone calls, your best bet is to have your dimensions and call case companies. Even if that meant ADJ. I'll waste time on the phone researching, because it saves time in the long run. Web forums tend to take a low priority in general and your results are hit and miss at best. Thank goodness ADJ and Elation are stepping up on forum efforts, but I'm sure it's as time permits.

I find the one thing that gets me priority treatment is the phone, short of showing up in person. A face to face isn't practical these days.

Since my gear fits 19" rack cases, my problems are easily satisified.

This is how I approach things: Time=money.
If I waste time, I waste money.
If I need answers, I usually need answers fast.
No answers mean wrong purchase. Wrong purchases means wasted money and/or destroyed or damaged gear, which means more money wasted on repairs.

If I can't get case questions answered, I have 4-5 other case companies I can call and get answers, estimates and timelines.

Right now, I'm researching an Allen & Heath iLive T112 with an IDR48 processing rack. My issue in this scenario is a 3-piece case for the control surface so I can take it apart and put it back together on my own. But, thanks to a few screw-jobs, I have to wait 18 months to a year to get this gear now, but by then, the way things are progressing, there will be a ready-made case for this console available.

Another thing to keep in mind with gear:
Lots of things use the same dimensions as other things. Why? In part, it's because it's a good and convenient design. So, you'll see many lights using the same basic shape and taking up the same basic amount of space in the same way, because it's somewhat "uniform". Sure, you don't need to re-invent the wheel, but sometimes you can put some fancy rims on it, yet it's still a round rim and would fit the same box.

Then again, sometimes you need custom cases. Often though, you don't really need a true custom case, you just need to ensure you've ordered the right case.

Another situation of mine is that I'm looking to get some new racks and I require front and back rack rails and 4-inch casters(it's my requirement and it's not uncommon). If anything, I can use the rear rails to attach blank panels to help with cable control and rigidity. But a 19" rack case is fairly standard and customizing these isn't any big deal.

Just do this, before you purchase, get on the phone and get a guarantee from who-ever you talk to that the case you are ordering will in fact fit the light you want it to protect. I'd go as far as to get it in writing, via having it specified on the proposal/quote/estimate and the invoice. This way, if it doesn't fit, it's easier to have a recourse of action without having to get super nasty about it.

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