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Since Emulation has been discontinued for some time now, we are asking users to switch over to the developer version of the software as they have continued support and development of their programs, the Emulation software is called CueLux and the E-builder is simply called Builder, here is a link to their product page where you can download the latest CueLux release as well as the latest Builder software. 

If you switch Emulation over to the CueLux version, just remember any profiles in the USER folder need to be copied over and show file XML's before you launch and try to load your files. ok? 
If you have any questions, let me know! 

Thank you for the immediate response!

I have a rental company and have used emulation for years now. I think it's been a year that cuelux started support of the emulation cables and for a brief moment I used it. The thing is that the ''FINE'' movement position does not work for the last 2 versions at least. When we are at a wedding we need to follow the couple with a moving head and witout fine the rotary pan of the midicon cannot control it smoothly.

I have e-builder installed on all laptops but I bought a new one and want to install it there too, it is not an absolute necessity, when I buy a new light I make the profile on one laptop and transfer it to the others via the xml file, but will not feel ''safe''  with a laptop that does not have the buider in it. 

For days now I have been searching my backup discs and cannot find e-builder anywhere. If you have it somewhere I would be grateful.


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