I have found the easy stand alone software very easy to use. My question is this, I am in the middle of a service and I want to change a lighting system. But if I go into the editor and move some sliders around, everybody will see the lights change. I want to make the changes, create something new and whatever, without anyone seeing it until I am ready. Can I do this?

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i believe im not 100% sure but u can click on a scene that is not playing and hit ctrl and alt at the same time as u click it. it will allow u to edit that scene and i don't think it will be viewable. look and see what color the street light is on when u click on it. this make sense? peace! jingles.
ok i think this will work for you. if your live then ctrl click on a scene to open the edit window. now at the top there is a button that usually says Blind-->Live. click it once to make it Live-->Blind. now you should be able to edit the scene without the audience seeing it. good luck.

oops i was thinking about the wrong program. i have the easy stand alone now and i cant see anything right off the bat but ill read the manual tonight and see if i can't come up with something. sorry about that.

Hi Kkiger,

sorry, but this feature is not available in Easy Stand alone.
The main purpose of Easy Stand alone is to be able to record some scenes and chases and then download them into the USB interface box for playback without the PC.

The feature you are looking for is in the full version Compu Live.
When you create a scene, you can edit the scene and use Easy Step, which is very similar to Easy Stand alone and the use the Live / Blind option that Jthtiger is talking about or even the option jingles was refering to.

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ya sorry bout that here is pdf file that has all the features of all the versions available to compuware.

hope this helps your next purchase if you make one. peace! jingles.
Thanks to all of you.

Is there an upgrade path. I have 1024EC. Can I upgrade to 2048FC or 2048FC+? If so, how much?

thanks again

if u have 1024EC then u should be able to edit ur scenes in both of the ways as described above. as far as upgrades go im not sure but know that each dongle unlocks certain features within the software. now if you can buy just the dongle im not sure. john will have to get back to ya on that one. peace! jingles.
Hi Kkiger,
You would have to contact the people you purchased from and see if they will take in your interface as a trade towards the purchase of a 2048.
We don't do it.

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