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I have found the easy stand alone software very easy to use. My question is this, I am in the middle of a service and I want to change a lighting system. But if I go into the editor and move some sliders around, everybody will see the lights change. I want to make the changes, create something new and whatever, without anyone seeing it until I am ready. Can I do this?

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Hi Kkiger,

sorry, but this feature is not available in Easy Stand alone.
The main purpose of Easy Stand alone is to be able to record some scenes and chases and then download them into the USB interface box for playback without the PC.

The feature you are looking for is in the full version Compu Live.
When you create a scene, you can edit the scene and use Easy Step, which is very similar to Easy Stand alone and the use the Live / Blind option that Jthtiger is talking about or even the option jingles was refering to.

Best regards,

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