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Well my rig is up and running, lots of spiffy lights and Compu Pro.

It has been working great, and I have sync'd a lot of my show up with my music, yet it did something funny tonight...

wav#1 played fine and the lights worked perfectly, but when wav#1 ended and wav#2 began, the lights were thrown off sync with the music (they were about 25ms earlier)

I looked at the timeline and where the cursor was over the waveforms was not matching the music, it was off just a little bit.

I reset the show and tried to see if it would happen again but it didnt. Has this happened to anyone?
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hey nick. hat has never happened to me so i cant relate. but i always start and end my songs on easy show with a init button if even for a quick M's. it helps get the lights lined up and ready for the next song or u can do a prep scene. a prep scene is where u have the shutters off but the gobo and color ready for the first scene this is also useful for fade in's. about your issue i would like to say it could have been a glitch kinda like it didn't fully process right away which could have caused the delay. were the shows back to back? sincerely,
well i got it to do what i want it to do which is a GREAT THING... i don't know if i'm allowed to post links on this forum so feel free to delete this, but here is a video from our show the other night, all the lights you see are ours and it's all done in easyshow:

feedback tho: i haven't found an easy way to copy and paste in easy show, am i missing something or is it not an option? i was hoping the software would work as well as audio or video software such as cubase, protools, etc... but the interface is way less advanced. All in all it is OK because I can do what I want to do, it just takes FOREVER. I am worried right now about having to stick another song in the middle of my setlist and not having an easy way of shifting all the other songs over.
we built little floor mounts for our led par196 lights, clamped one on the back of the bass amp for me (The drummer). we have 4 moving head mini wash lights that are also on the floor. there are 2 colorstrips on each guitar amp. It is a really easy setup, once our instruments and amps are in place we drop the lights and hook them up in less than 5 minutes.

our next step i think is black lights.
well, i have about 100 scenes of a crazy variety of lengths throughout each song... i was wondering if i could select all the scenes and their locations for each song, cut and paste them wherever i want, for instance if i insert another song in the middle of the setlist, i have to move the last few songs down a couple minutes to line them back up.

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