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So after all I found it. It is at the end of the Emulation Manual in English!
It is not present in the dutch manual, thats why I couldn't find it in the first place.
Luckely I can now edit all the unknow fixtures I encounter on the spot and not being dependent of somebody else. I really starting to like to software from now on.
Just did the first show and everthing worked flawless.
Best regards,
Basically, once the fixture you have build is save it. The file is automatically saved into the "User" folder. This folder is found in "My Documents" file. In that file you have a folder called Elation, from there you open Common...then personalities. In personalities you have User and factory. Factory is where you want the new profile to be added to. You do all of this with Emulation turned off. Once that file is added, it will add to the profiles automatically. As for the builder, there really isnt a "how to" manual since it is better for me to build them so i can get them added to later releases, however, in a pinch you can build them. If you would like, you can send me the user manual for the light, and i will build them up for you and get them back to you (usually with in a day or two) Hope this helps, keep up the great work
Thanks Jeffery,

I move the software from the desktop to the application folder.
The builder works normaly now, the save button indeed adds the new made fixture, before I didn't.
Thats why I needed the manual. It works fine now, I can make a new fixture on the spot when I encounter unkown fixtures in a venue.

In the dutch manual nothing in writen about the builder, in the english one there is.
Thanks for your reaction,
Best regards,

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