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Currently resurrecting/reformatted laptop with registered club 2004 dongle (with serial No), cannot find original disk to install driver again. Tryed to download and install SIUDI driver. Need advice1/ which driver correct to use 2/ were to get 3/ does it need to be exe file(tryed to install siudi6 driver from elation site, cannot install 4/ how to install driver. help much appreciated, Brett
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in australia,usual company importing and distrib Elation products here have dropped out and no support w this prob

thnx Brett

Originally posted by Brettmac:
Hi again
Sorry for delay in reply, Checked out computer, definitely 32 bit,m any help on next step to get driver and install for software operation

thnx brett

Originally posted by norona55:
you need to double check in your computer settings. if the computer is 64 bit, it will not work with that interface.
Compu 2006, purchased 2010 in australia Elation importer distributor. Have downloaded a superceded compu 2004 version as well. I noticed on Elation web page "discontinued products" it states Compu "06 is considered a beta version to which there is no support" is this a problem?, is there a better and compatable software that will suit the hardware I have got
Thnx Brett

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