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If you look at this pdf, goto page 6, Step 5 indicates the problem I'm having with these 2 packs.
What's indicated when pushing the menu button, the ability to set each channel to dimmer or switch, is not available.
It just alternates between setting DMX address and the # of channels: 1, 2, or 4, that the pack will be....
I've kinda hosed myself as my show is tomorrow but as the first one worked, I didn't think to test each unit and test them for this....

Any insight would be a HUGE load of help.
PS: The channel type assignment doesn't show up in Chase mode either.....
Original Post
There is an older model of the DP-DMX20L that is only a dimmer pack. I have 3 of these, and I absolutely enjoy them. Having switching capability would be nice, but it's never been an issue for me.

Mine are labelled AmericanDJ and Elation. I think you may have gotten older units? They've been making them with the switching option for some time now, I think at least a couple of years.
New or old units, I just went thru this same learning step and it looks like this user missed the same 'addressing' points I had, none of which is explained as simply as it could have been in the manual.

The first 20L needs to be set on A:001 CH4--which enables you to independently set these 4 CH, either as a [local] Switch or a [local] Dimmer. --Vague terms if one wrongly assumes these selections only apply to manual, independent stand-alone 'aka:local' control usage.

Sorry, I know I'm just a silly hold-out from the "straight-wire-plus-gain," -single-ender club.
Short of a wall panel full of Variacs, the days of the straight-wire-plus-gain days are pretty much lost and forgotten.

Today, there's definately a lot of people, young AND old, who just won't make an effort at all and expect yelling and screaming on a web forum might get them the results they need. You're clearly not a member of this group. I thank you for that!

These days, we're trying to find as many polite ways of saying "RTFM" without exactly resorting to that little phrase, although that little phrase is actually what they need to hear.

Yes, you are right. The first DP-DMX20L(there is also a PP-DMX20L that has been discontinued) must be set the way you stated to get the required performance: Start on DMX Channel 1, operate in 4 channel mode, thus occupying DMX channels 1-4, which in turn allows you to set the channels per channel in either dim or switch mode(s) as required.

For some people, the manuals can be confusing. For others, the manuals are not even read. You're trying, and I give you a lot of credit for that. Wish more folks would make a better effort than what they currently do(none).

Did you reset the controller yet so you're not trying to figure out someone else's work?
I just purchased a used Elation DP-DMX20L pack as well. I too am unable to set dim or switch. Have set unit to address 001 and set to 4 channel mode, still unable to set dim or switch. Is the theory that the early version of these packs dont have switch mode still true, or am I missing something? They have a date of March 7, 2005 on the sticker on the side.

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