We have the Elation Stage Setter 8 with 8 PAR can lights. We did a show this past weekend and half way through they quit working properly. When pushing the faders up the lights VERY slowly came on, and wouldn't go off right away when pulling the sliders down again. All the pre programmed scene's didnt work any more. The only thing that worked was the bump buttons. Everything woked great till about half way through the concert. Anyone have any idea what the problem may be?
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we have had a similar problem but i think we have caused it by replacing on of the PAR cans (yellow) with an LED PAR 56 by Stellar and to get everything back to normal we had to perform a memory dump twice! (it happened again - same as what you have described) i am thinking we should use the LED PAR 56's by Stellar as a stand alone being as they have built in patterns, mics, and DMX sttings - i think this is inter ferring with the Dmx settings somehow of the DP 4i5's connected to the StageSetter 8
any other ideas?
We are still having the same problem. We only use the stage setter 8 with the PAR 56 can lights, nothing else is connected to them. They stared working again then halfway through the show they stopped. I'll have to see about getting the memory dumped...
The Stage Setter 8 has a fade function that affects the response of the individual sliders as well as the chase programs. You can enable this fade by going into 1x16 mode and adjusting the Y cross fader.

Try reseting the fade delay to instant by bringing the Y fader all the way up to value 0, while in 1x16 mode.

Let me know if this works

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