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Our Church uses an elation stsge setter-8 controler. At some point durning breakdown a computer powersupply was switched for the elation power supply The computer power supply was a 12 v 250 ma and was pluged in many times before some one (me) relaized it was the wrong one. we have not found the oringnal a DC 12~20V, 500 mA. As I looked in the manual to find a way to get a new one I noticed The big warning about pluging in the wrong power supplys. So Questions
Did we ruin the controler
How can I tell with out buying a power supply
If so can it be fixed
Where to get it fixed
Is it still good just needs the right power supply
If so where do I get the proper power sypply

Any Help would be much appericated
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First question, did you ruin the controller. The answer is no. If anything, you ruined the power supply, but that is also doubtful. You are talking 6 watts vs 3 watts, which is not a lot of power.

Second question, just plug and play. You said they have been doing it for a while now, so I am sure you are still fine.

After that, I think all your other questions are answered.

Must components are capable of handling sightly dynamic loads. For example, almost everything can work on a load from 130-90v that is rated for 120, 115, or 110 volts, because power in every building is different. The dangerous thing is under volting something so dramatically that it pulls way more amps then it can handle. This causes something to go up in smoke. The other thing is over volting dramatically, like running a 24v power supply on your 12v console, or taping something rated for 120v into 220v, which would also cause smoking.

Example of this: I once had a house electrican drop some power for me. I said I needed 2 120v 20 amp circuits. I didn't have my meter with me that day because I wasn't suppose to be playing with lights that day. So he drops a breakout box with a few Edison outlets on it. Well, I plug in the dimmer packs, and they started smoking right away. He had some how managed to get 220v out of Edison outlets. I told him this, he said it was impossible. Well, he metered it, disappeared, and came back. This time, I took his meter and metered both lines, 80v on each one. Disappeared again, and got it up to 115v. Needless to say, I have my meter on me at all times now.
That means the power supply that you are using isn't supplying enough amps, which is rather surprising. Look for one that is 12v 500ma then. Places like Radio Shack will carry universal power supplies that should work with out any problem. All the NSI consoles I have are now using generic power supplies from Radio Shack because the originals were all damaged some how or lost.

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