I recently bought the Elation T4 Four-Channel Chase Controller to use for my band.

We came to find out that the chaser would only respond when one instrument was playing and not when all four were.

I talked to a friend and he said that we could put a microphone in the bass drum but i'm not sure of what kind of microphone I should use for this or if this is even a good idea?

If you can help me in anyway or have advice for me, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
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As the T4 is supported by American DJ, if you don't get any answers from other users here, your best bet is to contact ADJ Tech Support @ 323.582.2650
well does it have a knob to adjust the mic response?? like a sensitivy knob? also i forget the term for kick drum mics but go into ur local guitar center or music store and ask the audio person im sure they will help heck even ask the lighting sales person to help out. peace! jingles!

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