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Hey guys,
I have an issue with several of my EPAR Tri LED's that I wanted to reach out and see if anyone else is having a similar issue with this or other LED fixtures and possible solutions.

The fixtures are running in 7ch mode. Several are is a DMX chain.

From time to time, this fixtures will be on a static look and color and will randomly and intermittently flash and then return to normal state. This will happen completely on its own and devoid of control. I have gone through the following steps to try to remedy.

-Cycle Power
-Change address
-Change DMX cable
-Move to another address
-Terminated DMX chain
-Ensure all fixtures in same mode
-Ensure no fixtures are in auto program
-Test with GrandMA 2, Hog 3, Show Designer 3,
and a few other basic consoles.

As far as lighting solutions go, Im a little out of ideas. If anyone has come across this error, Id be happy to know if you have had any success. I believe the problem to be software or circuitry related. Please post here or email me at address listed below with any thoughts or solutions. Thank you.

-Charles Teer
LD, Atlanta Audio Visual
(404) 444-7791
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